Nitto 1320


Become a racecar driver and compete online for free


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Nitto 1320 is a fun racing simulator where you can play online against thousands of players from around the world.

To play, you just have to be signed into the program's website. From there, your skill and ability behind the wheel will do the rest.

The game mechanics are simple. The races progress in a straight line and the car that goes fastest wins, as long as it crosses the finish line within the preset time. Obviously your aim is to win all the races you can and get money that you can use to upgrade your vehicle.

In Nitto 1320 you can modify your car in lots of ways, adding aesthetic details, tuning, and changes to the engine and adjustments to achieve better performance during races. Also, you can buy new cars and get rid of the older ones in exchange for money. With Nitto 1320 you can move up as high as you want in the racing world.

To play, you need sign up (for free) on the website.
You have the option of a paid membership, which gives you access to additional options and discounts when buying parts for your vehicle.

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